Women's Advanced Calendar

Women's Advanced Calendar 2.9

Advanced Woman Calendar is a complete ovulation calendar
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Advanced Woman Calendar is an ovulation calendar which can help women achieve or avoid pregnancy.
The calendar features a nice, user-friendly interface and offers clear references. On the main window of the program the present and the three following months with the references are shown. The application informs you about every day of the cycle and whether a day is fertile or not.
The calendar is completely customizable, it allows you to change some general settings, enable a desktop calendar selecting the scale and transparency level, as well as set reminders of the menstruation beginning, or reminder to take a pill, and about other important changes in your period.
You can include information like if you had sex, if you have taken the pill, if you are in a good or bad mood, set temperature, and write a note, etc. for each day. You can also specify your goal: whether you want to avoid pregnancy or conceive, specifying the gender of the baby. The calendar also provides statistics and important information about your cycles. And what I liked most is that it tells you, using the information you provided about the last time you had sex, the approximate date of birth and the gender of the baby, as well as its zodiac sign with some information about that sign, and Chinese lunar calendar.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and intuitive user interface.
  • Clear references and information about the present day.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Includes reminders and a desktop calendar.
  • Shows you the baby's zodiac sign with information about that sign, and Chinese lunar calendar


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