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Women's Advanced Calendar 5.2

Keep track of your fertility periods with this affordable tool
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This program is a tool that allows women to keep track of their fertility periods so they can plan if they want to avoid or achieve pregnancy.
The program has many adjustable features. The obtained data can be as detailed as you need. Users can set the day in which their menstruation starts and the program will calculate automatically which days are of high or low fertility, that is, the days with higher or lower possibilities of becoming pregnant. Users can also set other data, such as their body temperature, their mood, the days they had intercourse, and so on to increase the accuracy of the information. The program also shows the day of ovulation during the calendar month, as well as the days in which they will be menstruating.

Interestingly, the program also shows the days in which is statistically more probable to become pregnant with a boy or with a girl. Thus, if users had a preference regarding the gender of their child, they can use this tool to increase the probabilities of having a male or female baby.

The program's interface is very colorful and attractive, and this makes it easier to read all the data presented. The application is also very affordable and useful.

The shareware version of the program can be used during a limited amount of time and also has several limitations.

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